halloween 3D game title

Halloween, Free (CraZy) 3D Shooter

Open Source, Windows, Mac, Linux

Get it free (MacOS)
Get it free (Windows)
Source code (Github) Feel free to rebuild and to modify

The game sets itself in a medieval context where the player is trapped inside an insane castle and has to fight his way through to survive. Many ridiculous creatures including bats, giant spiders and mummies are there to ensure that the player will not make it through. The gameplay is based on time and speed will be your most reliable ally as you struggle to complete the required objectives to advance to the next level. The full game comes complete with music, cinematics, outrageous sound effects, over 10 diverse 3D real world environments, many different weapons to chose from and a very unique gameplay that will have you screaming for more!

Game, tool & engine made entirely from scratch in C/OpenGL in 2003~2004

Pick up a weapon and arrows amo, Bomb Gun, Tromblon or Axe

Ingame menu and HUD are intuitive

Pickup blue, green or red flask and hit the ENTER key to activate special flask effect.

The red flask is the POWER JUMP flask. Use it to make a very high jump and acces to secret areas or to escape from lava.
The green flask is the MATRIX MODE flask. Use it to freeze everything around you during a little time.
The blue flask is the FALCON VIEW flask. Use it to view some invisible tricks to access some secret areas.

Kill any recquired monsters until you see a colored icon in the right kill counter panel.
Find and pickup all H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N letters :


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